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The S500 features an Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX544 wich is part of the Series5XT family of 3D/2D graphics engine, this gpu can be implemented as high-performance 4-pipe single core, or in multiprocessor (MP) configurations of between 2 and 16 cores (8 to 64 pipes).

The datasheet neither mentions the count of GPU cores nor the clock frequency it uses. If the S500 is indeed a relabeled ATM7059, wich is in turn an ATM7039 with more external peripherals interfaces, the GPU would be a SGX544MP1 @ 450mhz.

According to the datasheet Actions Semi chose 1920x1080 pixels to be the maximum resolution for both HDMI and LCD.


  • Industry standard supported:
OpenGL-ES 1.1
OpenGL-ES 2.0
OpenVG 1.0.1
  • Texture support:
Cube Map
Projected Textures
Non square Textures
Volume Textures
Texture Arrays
  • Texture Formats:
RGBA 8888, 565, 1555, 1565
Mono chromatic 8, 16, 16f, 32f, 32int
Dual channel, 8:8, 16:16, 16f:16f
Compressed Textures PVR-TC1, PVR-TC2, ETC1
Programmable support for all YUV formats
  • Resolution Support:
Frame buffer max size = 4096*4096
Texture max size = 4096*4096
Max volume extent = 2048
Max texture repeat = 8192


How_to_Install_GPU_binary_driver: GPU binary driver installation on S500.

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