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Welcome to the Wiki of the XApp-le community!


What is XApp-le

XApp-le is an open-source community targeting at the SoCs of Actions Semiconductors Co., Ltd.[1] The name "XAPP-LE" is an acronym of 'Actions (represented by X) APplication Processors with Linux Embedded.

Purpose of XApp-le

Our purpose is to provide a popular and formal way for developers, users or companies to apply the Linux-based open sources on the Actions-Semi SoC's. The goal will be to become a central place for the core Linux related resources, including the kernel and u-boot, etc.

Currently, some of the open source developers have joined the community and are working on the source repositories. Once the status is ready, the source codes will be opened to the public, by Github.

WELCOME TO JOIN US! As a developer or a contributor of XApp-le. :^)

Should you have any advice or suggestions on how we can do it better, please do not hesitate to tell us. We could make things better and better together.

About Actions-Semi

Actions Semiconductor is a fabless manufacturer of mobile and multimedia SoC (system-on-a-chip) solutions for portable consumer electronics. Since 2004, Actions Semiconductor is a mainly supplier of digital multimedia player master control chip. Now Actions also have several product lines including tablets, OTT, Bluetooth speakers and SBCs (Single Board Computers).

Actions-based Open Platforms

We are glad to see Actions joined the Linaro Community Board Group (LCG) program [2] [3] in Linaro Organization [[4]]. Inspired by those programs on open source communities, we've thus decided to kickoff this XApp-le community to support Actions' open platforms.

As a note for the developers, we already have a few platforms to go with, which currently include the chips of S500 and S900. S500 is a 28nm process ARM Cortex-A9 SoC that focuses on 32-bit open source platform market while S900 is an ARM Cortex-A53 SoC with the same process, and focuses on 64-bit open source platforms.


Hardware Software
  • Reference Boards
  • S500 - S500 SoC features
  • PMU - Power Management Unit
  • GPU - Graphic Processing Unit
  • GPIO - General Purpose Input/Output
  • UART - UART port for console
  • I²C - I²C communication
  • SPI - SPI communication
  • CSI - Camera Sensor Interface
  • DSI - Display Serial Interface
  • USB - Universal Serial Bus interface
  • Storage - Data storage interfaces
  • Network -Networking interface


OS Images

Utilities and Others


Web Forum

Please kindly join our technical forum to share, discuss or just view what's new, hot or interested there.

IRC channel

We also registered an irc channel at #linux-xapple @freenode, feel free to join there.

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