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For S500 platform

ATC2603C functional blocks.png

The PMU of S500 platfrom is the PMIC ATC2603C.

ATC2603C is an integrated power management and audio subsystem for portable multimedia systems. All the information from Master is configured through TWI (Two Wire Interface) of ATC2603C.

The integrated audio codec provides nessary fuctions for high-quality recording and play-back. Progarmmable on-chip amplifiers allow direct connections of headphones and microphones with some external components.

ATC2603C includes three programmable DC-DC converters, eight low-dropout (LDO) regulators and one current limit switch to generate suitable supply voltage for the system, including on-chip audio CODEC as well as off-chip components such as a digital core and memory chips. Each of these is voltage programmable. ATC2603C can be powered by a lithium battery, wall adaptor or USB.

Internal power management circuit controls the start-up and shutdown sequence of supply voltages, as well as sleep and wake-up. It also detects and handles abnormal conditions such as over-voltage, over-current, etc.

A 32.768kHz crystal oscillator should be supplied to ATC2603C system to get an accuracy clock for real time clock (RTC) and get alarm function for waking up the system. The master clock can be input directly form Master. IR and multi-channel ADC capable of waking up the system are also integrated.

Features of ATC2603C

  • Audio:
Slave I2S audio input/out; 7.1 Channel Audio Codec; MIC-in; Headset; FM-in.
DAC supports 192k/96k/48k/32k/24k/16k/12k/8k/88.2k/44.1k/ 22.05k /11.025k.
ADC supports 96k/48k/32k/24k/16k/12k/8k/44.1k/22.5k/11.025k.
41 levels for volume adjustment.
  • Power In:
  • Power Supply:
3 DC-DCs.
8 LDOs and 1 SWITCH.
Programmable DC-DC and LDO; over-volatage, over-current, over-temperature protections.
Support Power On Reset.
  • Power Charging
Support hardware current control for li-ion battery charging/discharging.
  • Power Saving Mode
Support three modes: Standby Mode; Sleep Mode; and Deep-Sleep Mode.
  • Control Interface
Through I²C to SoC (S500) for setting the controllable registers of ATC2603C.
  • Others
Infrared remote controller.
10-channel 10bit ADC, sampling rate 3.2kHz.
RTC (real-time-clock).

ATC2603C datasheet: File:ATC2603C Datasheet V1.2-150615.pdf

How to check PMU temperature

PMU is also a heat generating unit which may cost whole system unstable. We may need to check PMU temperature in order to keep the system healthy and stable in heavy duty situation.

In S500 platform, we can read the PMU temperature by console command as below.

$cat /sys/devices/b0170000.i2c/i2c-0/0-0065/atc2603c-hwmon.0/ic_temperature
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